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David Finsterwalder - CEO

David is co-founder and CEO, working on the future of photogrammetry capture, processing, and neural rendering methods. He has an extensive background in Philosophy, Mathematics, Archeology, and 3D Graphics.


Daniel Sproll - CXO

Daniel is co-founder, CXO and head cat-herder. A background in cognitive science Daniel researched human navigational behavior in VR, was the lead VR UX designer for the Audi VR Showroom and worked on a wide range of AR & VR projects during his time at RE’FLEKT.


AzAD Balabanian - Director of Photogrammetry

Azad is a Cinematographer and Spatial Photographer, focusing on photogrammetry capture and post-production workflows. He has a background in Cognitive Science and HCI from UC Santa Cruz and is the host of the Research VR Podcast.


Marcel Popper - Engineer

Marcel is an engineer focusing on advanced photogrammetry processing pipelines. He has a background in Signal Processing and Computer Vision from Technical University of Berlin


Shahrair shahrabi - Graphics Programmer

Shah is a Graphics Engineer working on real-time graphics and researching new rendering techniques. He has a background in Game Design from University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and is a cofounder of Grizzly Games


Leonard Schölch - Technical Artist and Developer

Leonard is a Technical Artist and Developer, focusing on Post Production tools and Experience Programming. He is currently completing his B.A. in Game Design at HTW Berlin

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Interested in a career in building the future of Spatial Photography in VR/AR?

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